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Aditya and RominaShutterPal started off when two stories decided to talk to each other. It was around 2007-08 when I really started using a camera, traveling around the globe and experiencing new stuff. That is when I decided to buy a really good camera, and ended up getting a DSLR. Slowly, photography grew on me. I got married in late 2010, and by then I had already got a few good shots, and increased my DSLR kit. That is also the time when candid wedding photographers started blooming in India. Suddenly, the flashy well lit studio photographs were no longer demanded by the young couples. We badly wanted someone to shoot our wedding candidly – so badly that I was ready to clone myself to shoot my own wedding! IF only it was 2150 AD! However, our hopes crashed when we could not find an affordable candid photographer, and none of our friends was into it either.

We’ve moved on, but you don’t need to! Pull them up and share on Facebook, create your wedding blog, or just create a flipbook! Good photography can be affordable 🙂

Are you getting married? Or do you want to get your portfolio shot? Do you wish to have some great outdoor shots at your favorite travel destination? Simply get in touch with me for any information via the “Get In Touch” page or email me at aditto [at] shutterpal.com.

Please note: I am currently doing shoots only in Los Angeles, USA, and may not be available on weekdays.

Oh, and very important point – before you finalise your wedding photographer, in fact even before you begin your search, keep these points in mind. They will help you make an informed decision! Click here.

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